Danilo LeoneChartered Accountant since 1996 - Business Advisor

PHD Doctor in Computational Statistics since 2003

University Contract Professor 2003-2007

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My Business Model Canvas
to discover my Customer Segments, Customer Relationships, Channels, Value Proposition, Key Activities, Key Resources, Key Partners.   More

Seven Perpendicular Red Lines! Look at this video on youtube Red Lines and than verify the possible Answer.   More

Landing Page and Call to Action A call-to-action (CTA) is a button or link placed on a landing page to drive prospective customers to become proactive: the landing page is the frame, the CTA is the picture.   More

Area of Specialization: Pharma

I am expert in Compliance and Risk Officer activities for Pharmaceutical Companies.

Contact me if you need to design and control all aspects of the Compliance Program, including training programs and monitoring systems, developing informational resources, and investigating potential violations of law or Company policy. Download here the MSaccess App to simplify the compliance to 'Transparency Requirements' according to EFPIA Code of Ethics. More

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Software Toolbox

I usually use apps for the following activities:

Office automation, Multidimensional Data Analysis, Statistical Analysis, MonteCarlo Simulations and Analysis, Data Mining, Matrix laboratories.

Folder Indexing, Programming, SW related to Arduino Projects

Pert and Gantt modeling, 2D and 3D Presentations and Sketching, Video Producer, Photo Studio.

My Researches

First of all: Reinforcement learning. Reinforcement learning dates back to the early days of cybernetics and work in statistics, psychology, neuroscience, and computer science. It is the problem faced by an agent that must learn behavior through trial-and-error interactions with a dynamic environment.

Its promise is beguiling: a way of programming agents by reward and punishment without needing to specify how the task is to be achieved. (ref. L. P. Kaelbling, M.L. Littman, A.W. Moore - Reinforcement Learning: A Survey -)